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How To Link Your (BVN) To Your GTbank Account

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Linking the BVN to the Bank account is still a very much challenge to a lot of bank account holders and as such many have defaulted and perhaps giving up on the procedures which nonetheless have somehow cost them of their proper transactions with the banks they operate with.

Another effect which the customers may have suffered from is the fact that they may not be properly enlightened and educated about the BVN procedures which when obtained from the bank would be needed by the other bank where the customer equally have an account with.

Interestingly, this BVN linking with banks process is applicable to every Nigerian bank and GTBank account holders are not left out of this procedure, as failure to link your GTBank account with your BVN will cost you making your banking transaction with the Nigerian bank.

Here, in this post, we shall consider keenly, the basic steps toward having your GTBank linked with your Bank Verification Number (BVN) with ease.

  1. Go to any GTBank ATM booth in your locality and insert your GTBank ATM card and then type in your PIN, and then,


  1. Select the option that displays ‘BVN’ linking and then,


  1. Enter the BVN (11 digits of your BVN) that you were given at the banking hall by your other bank and then select ‘proceed’ option, and then,


  1. A confirmation page will be displayed with the BVN to ensure that you type in the correct and right numbers,


  1. Select the ‘proceed’ option,


  1. Type in your ATM PIN once again to ascertain and validate the ownership of the card and then select the ‘Submit’ option.

Interestingly, once you have completed this basic procedure that is explained in this post, then your BVN would have been linked already to your GTBank account successfully.

It’s that simple because you would not have to go over to the bank to queue up until your turn to be attended to by the bank customer care personnel to have your BVN linked with your GTBank account.

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