oba ewakpe

       Oba ewapke of the ancient benin kingdom,of blessed memory became the oba of benin ,due to his father refusal to ascend the throne of the oba of benin.

His father Akenuzama, rejected the throne due to his old age,after the death of his cousin Oba Ore-Oghene ,who joined his anscestors without an heir,to succed him.So the ihogbe’s ask Akenuzama to take over but he refuse due to his old age,suggesting that his son idova(birth name) should be crowned king.

      So idova was renamed Ehennegha,by oracular process before the ihogbe’s handed him to uzama for further process and crowning as the new oba of benin.But due to his young age,impatient and inexperience idova or Ehennegha will surely encounter problem during his reign. After idova was crowned oba ewakpe ,he faced his first problem which was his inability to offer sacrifice to his anscestors in his ascestral shrine ,since his father was still alive,hmm that was a very big problem for him.

      After he his coronation ,he started offering human sacrifices to his anscestors,During the reign of oba ewakpe ,he was impatient and too strict,human sacrifice and other things became too much that the people of benin was not happy with him.

       However,trouble started between oba ewakpe and ikoka people,when some men were sent to benin from ,and by ikoka people to inform oba ewakpe about the death of his mother ,who died after a brief illness.Getting to obas palace and delivery the message  to oba ewakpe ,he ordered that the men should all been killed ,expect one who will return to ikoka village.These men were killed because they were wearing white clothes, so oba ewakpe thought they were mocking his mother and celebrating her death.

       So the man who was asked to return to ikoka ,got to ikoka and told his people what oba ewakpe did to his fellow men.After listening to him, ikoka people were in suprise and shock,but they have nothing to do.

        It got to a time were serious tension was looming in benin due to oba ewakpe actions,he listens to no one,so the people revolted against him,and chased him out of benin,but before now all the palace royal slaves and servant ,staff,wifes and children left the palace seeing the danger of what will soon happen ,the wifes went to their various villages.Expect one wife of the oba from present day oka village,named queen iden,who stood by her husband in this time of trial.

       When oba ewakpe was chased out of benin,he decided to take resident in ikoka his late mother village.when he got to ikoka ,he told the elders why he came,to make sure that justice take place, the elder told him sweep the road that lead to ikoka and rub his mouth in mould water,if they must accomodate him.Feeling humiliated he refuse and left ikoka,and when he got to the junction of ikoka village ,he laid a curse on the people of ikoka ,that men will never prosper in ikoka,and only the women that will progress.

      Just like,comment and follow me in next post it be about his return to been and the death of his wife .

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