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Most of the times as car owners you are so careful about your car theft, therefore, you
feel it is safe where it is parked(park your car) and cannot be tampered with but you fail to realize that
a car is stolen every 44 seconds as researched in the US demography.
This simply means that the rate of car theft is prevalent everywhere around the world.
Hence, in this post, I have earmarked some necessary and basic steps to help you track
your car from getting stolen.
However, still it is very important to know that even if you have the best car alarm and
tracking devices and all what have you, to protect your car, you will still need to use
some level of common sense practice to help you keep your car and other belongings
safe from the prying eyes of the car snatchers.
Carefully, ascertain and follow these simple tips and have your car safe at all times.
1. Fasten the lock of your car- The first step to take when you have parked your car
outside s to ensure that you fasten the lock of your car and arm the alarm if you
have it fitted in your car.
This is because a large numbers of cars are stolen like this if its owners left it
2. Keep your key with you- at this point you have to ensure that you never leave
your key hidden in or on the car to avoid any possible theft and out right breakup
by the vandals.
3. Ensure to always part your car in a safe and secured park- Ensure to park your
car in the building with security or in busy well illuminated vicinity to checkmate
any hoodlum from invading your car.
4. Don’t leave your high risk car in public for a long time- You must understand
that a high risk car certainly can attract attention of theft; therefore, you may not
have to leave such car outside in the public eyes for too long. Perhaps, you can
decide to take a different car if you can in such public places.

5. Park your car behind another car- This is another security measure to take and
avoid your car from being taken by an unknown person.
In case you don’t have a garage, where you can park your car, then the best
option is to park your car behind another close to your house, a this move will
make it extremely difficult for the thief to hotwire and pull a stunt on your car.
6. Affix a car alarm in your car- Possibly, you can fix car alarm at least two
immobilizers that can help you to prevent your car from being hotwired and
taken away.
7. Affix a GPS tracking device- Another measure you should consider is to fit into
your car a GPS device that could possibly warn whenever the alarm is tampered
with and triggered.
This measure will allow you to track your car to the location where your car is
Well, with all these simply and logical steps if adhered to, you can be certain to
always secure your car from being stolen by the unscrupulous elements in the
neighborhood that you live in.Now drop your comment below.

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