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As tech person or techie, it is important that you know some of the tech blogs that are trending because it will help you with the needed tech information that you need to know about your technologies.

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These tech blogs will equally help you to get the latest technology news, trends or information on the newest and latest technology gadgets around the world.

Well, in this article I shall be discussing with you some notable tech blogs that can always help you with the needed tech information to help you with your tech needs.

  1. Techcabal

No doubt the Techcabal is the most ranked tech blog in Nigeria and it was formed by this tech enthusiast, Femi Bankole in the year 2013.

Interestingly, the Techcabal was created with the aim of bringing together technology experts and enthusiasts that shares their thoughts and insights of experience in the world of technology.

Interesting, too, the Techcabal blogs is massively involved in spreading information on the Nigeria tech space that has a lot of home-made and indigenous contents loaded up in this blog, of which contents includes information technology, tech news and tech reviews, etc.

  1. Naijatechguide

This is one of the old top notch tech blog that is fairing greatly in the Nigerian tech information disseminations which was founded in 2006, by this great tech guru, Pascal Okafor.

He obviously is one of the most prominent and respected tech aficionados, analyst and he is equally a blogger who primarily focuses on tech reviews, tech news dissemination, tech specs, and also he reviews tech prices of gadgets and electronics.

As a matter of fact, Naijatechguide website has been presented with many notable national and major awards overtimes as a result of consistency and detailed and thorough tech information dissemination.

Going forward, its founder and CEO Officer, Pascal Okafor was the first Nigerian to have been made Konga’s first affiliate Millionaire.

  1. Misstechy

Of a truth, this is a female owned tech, because its name suggests it. This is tech blog owned by Tobi Ayeni; she was a graduate of the Covenant University and studied Banking and Finance but, rather, she chose to opt out for her passion of becoming a tech blog enthusiast with the sole aim of making people have a clear and renewed ideology about technology.

However, Misstechy was actually formed in 2015 and has since then grown to becoming a notable tech blog among other top contesting tech blog.

On interesting thing about this tech blog is the fact that its founder, Tobi engaged her audience with her unique style and approach of blogging and this has earned her the most famous female tech blogger in Nigeria.

This tech blog comes with a twist as it talks about stories of young women in the tech world  that have taken the tech space by storm and creating diverse feats in the Women that Rule column of the blog.

The Misstechy blog also reviews tech news which is in line with the best global practices that can be ranked in the class of GSM arena, Techradar, amongst other tech bloggers.

  1. Nollytech

Interestingly, Nollytech blog happens to be one of the trending tech blog that is gradually penetrating the Nigerian tech blogs with its reach tech contents and information that keeps the audience glued to their seat and savoring the information to their delight.

This sensational tech blogs was started by Victor Ikani; a tech aficionado and a prolific content writer who delights and takes pleasure in the world of technology.

Nollytech equally concentrated on the reviews of tech news, shares tech information, tech spec with their prices.

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