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Proven Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2019

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Proven Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2019

So, Make money blogging in 2019! you’ve built a new Blog, started posting quality contents, you’re having a decent amount of traffic yet you’re unsure how to make money from all your effort?

I’m Going To Show You Proven Ways To Make Money Blogging In 2019

The Top on the List is Advertisement.

If you’ve been blogging for quite a while now and already having a decent amount of traffic, you should opt in for advert placement. This is a quick fix to your “Pennilles Misery” to help utilize the amount of time and effort you exert in blogging and turn it into cash.How to Get Rid of The 9 Mobile Data Plans?

Some Advertisement Platforms you should register for as a publisher are; Google Adsense

 Infolinks Chitika  Bidvertiser  Revenue hits  Propellerads These platforms accepts Sites with decent traffic.

You should note: If you plan on using more than one advertisement platform alongside Google Adsense, You Must read their terms and conditions regarding that. Using Advertisements You can make money blogging in 2018.h2

     Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate marketing, you promote other people’s products and you receive commissions whenever your recommendations lead to Sales, Clicks, Leads or Conversions.

You decide where you wish to promote the product on your blog. 

You are responsible for placing those links somewhere on your site. You can embed them within a blog post, along the sidebar, or wherever you prefer.

You can sign up for Amazon Affilliate Marketing   Blue Host Affiliate Jumia Affiliate And many others.

Sell Your Own Product

The very obvious way to monetize a blog is to sell a product that your customers can buy directly from you. You get to keep the profits as you do not pay commissions to any third party sites.

If you have a business, then the product part is already taken care of. If not, focus on developing one. A good product can be a tangible thing like apparel, or something digital like an ebook, app, or photo.

 Sponsored content

This monetization method is about finding people who are willing to pay you for publishing content on their behalf. This can involve paid reviews, editorial pieces, branded publicity articles, and so on. Basically, anything that can, in some way, benefit a client who is paying for the content.

This approach isn’t necessarily for everyone. For this to be a viable option,you must have a very large amount of audience.

Accept Donations

Do you blog? if yes, Great! do you have a decent amount of readers who appreciate and engage with your contents often? Even better! why don’t you ask them to buy you a cup of coffee? Now, don’t be obnoxious it by spamming their Inboxes you spooky!.

The technical setup is simple. All you need is a basic payment button via Simple Payments Plugin on WordPress. If you want, you can predefine a few amounts for your readers to choose from.

These Are A Few Proven Ways to Make Money Blogging In 2018

Hopefully this list has got you thinking about the many ways to monetize a blog. Give some of them a try, and see if you can transform your blog from a hobby into a business.

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