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How to Get Rid of The 9 Mobile Data Plans?

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How to Get Rid of The 9 Mobile Data Plans?

Sincerely speaking, it is very much annoying and frustrating when you discovered that your airtime that you bought to use to call has suddenly and completely been used up by the service provider to basically pay for your data plans without any prior notice because the service provider has automatically programmed your data plans to be renewed automatically at the end of the validity period.

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No doubt, this system of the service provider can be controlled if you do not want such
reductions of your airtime unnecessarily.

However, here are in this article, some basic steps on how you can get rid of the 9 mobile data plans from your mobile phone device if you are done with it. The same measure equally applied to all other service networks and the procedures are straightforward to apply.

Should you want to upgrade from your usual data plans to another data plans on the 9mobile network as it has different options available on its data plans.

Let’s quickly consider the various options that are availably on the 9 mobile data plans.
The first step you can apply to upgrading your9 mobile data plans are as follows:
 Daily Data Plans- This daily plans is usable and durable for 24 hours which has two options that are available- 10MB costs N50. To subscribe to this plan, dial *229*3*8# or you can send M13 to 229. The second option is 40MB which costs N100. To subscribe to this plan, dial *229*3*1# or you can send M12 to 229.
 Weekly Data Plans- This plan has a validity period of 7days after which it is disconnected from usage. The data allows for 150MB and it cost N200. If you want to subscribe, you can dial *229*2*1# or you can send LCD to 229.
 Monthly Data Plans- With this monthly data plans, it has a validity period of 30 days and you can choose from these many options -500MB cost N500. To subscribe to this plan, dial *229*2*12# or you can send LCD2 to 229; 1GB cost N1, 000. To subscribe to this plan, dial *229*2*7#; 5GB cost N1, 200. To subscribe to this plans, dial *229*2*25# or you can send AND11 to 229; 5GB cost N2, 000. To subscribe, dial *229*2*35#; 4GB cost N3, 000; 5GB cost N4, 000. To subscribe to this plans dial, *229*2*9#; 5GB cost N8, 000. To subscribe dial *229*2*5# or you can send MB6 to 229.
 Nights and Weekend Data Plans- This package offers exciting night and weekend plans that you can truly find beneficiary if you are a night browser or perhaps an over the weekend browser weekend. This plan is valued between 11.59pm on Friday to Sunday 11.59pm and its 1GB cost N500. To subscribe to this plan, dial *5995*2# Interestingly, too, the night plans is valued from 12am to 5amevery night for one month duration. Its 1GB cost N200 and to subscribe dial, *229*11#
 Evening Data Plans- Essentially, this evening data plans is valid for 3 days and can be used from 7pm to 7am with only two options attached to it- N1, 000 for 2GB and to subscribe to this plan dial, *229*3*12#; 0N2, 000 for 5GB and to subscribe dial, *229*3*13# and then you also will receive 100MB WhatsApp data for 24 hours.

Now that you have understood how to upgrade to other 9 mobile data plans and you still want to get rid of the 9 mobile data plans, then simply follow these easy laid down steps to get it done.
To opt out or stop dial *229*0# or you text STOP to 229 and have your 9 mobile data plans cancelled.

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