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It is pretty funny how a lot of people excessively used up data(data usage) over browsing and then
complain thereafter over the sudden and out right consumption of their data in a
twinkling of an eye; and they begin to wonder.
Well, the problem is possibly because they fail to understand the simple logics of how
they can possibly manage and reduce the usage of their data on their Android or

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Therefore, it is very sensible to try as much as possible to reduce the amount of mobile
you use whenever you go online because the minute you exceed the limited data
that is included on the plan, the charges will start to mount up excessively too.
However, there are a few tricks that you can use to make certain that your data usage is
practically reduced to the barest minimum, so that you ca save yourself some money in
the process as well.
1. Use the Restricted Background Data- Many of the smartphones like Androids
operating systems allow you to restrict background data because this moves or
procedure is needful tin reducing data usage on your Android phones device.
The good thing about this process is that when you restrict the background data
some apps and phone services will automatically not work unless you have the
access to a WiFi network that can enable it.
However, your phone will certainly continue to function properly, but then, you
ill drastically reduce the amount of data that you used up.
2. When trying to view websites, Use the Mobile Version- Interestingly, now
creates and provides both its desktop and mobile version of the websites to
enable easy download in the desired formats, of which the mobile version of the
website will only include a fewer images and it will be much faster and lighter so
that data will not be consumed up enormously.
Another interesting thing about the mobile version of the website is that many
websites are created and set up to automatically detect if you are viewing on a

mobile phone device and it will display the mobile version of the website for you
automatically, so tat you can view from the mobile version instead.
More so, you can tell with this step, if the website is running the mobile version
by the ‘m’ in the URL section whereas, some websites will display ‘mobile’ just to
show that the website is running on your mobile version.
Interestingly, the idea of this whole process is to help you to manage and reduce
your data usage. Most importantly, too, the browser setting of the Smartphone
will allow you to set your preference to the mobile version, therefore, you should
stick to the mobile version whenever possible and your data usage will be
reduced in a drastic measure.
3. No Need to clear your Cache- I guess you will be wondering why you should not
clear your browser cache. Well, for obvious reasons you should leave your
browser cache intact because it will be of immense benefit to you when trying to
reducing your data usage.
Consequently, it is quite understandable that when you clear your browser cache
it will help you to keep your android phone device to run smoothly and free up
internal memory space on the device and also help the whole systems to run
lightly better without any hiccups.
However, in trying to reduce and save up data there is the need that you leave
your browser cache intact.
4. TextOnly Browser should be used- The ‘TextOnly’ is one of the several third
party browsers that are readily available for smartphones like the Android phone
device and so the TextOnly can help to strip out the images completely from the
website and then displays it in the Text and not having to download the images,
as this procedure will equally help to manage and reduce the amount of data

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