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Overtime, we have been experiencing colossal and massive breakdown and collapse of
various facilities due to lack of proper construction and unprofessional skill and

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Hence, you cannot truly have a perfect construction without the help and experienced
civil engineering companies. Obviously, in this article, I shall be discussing the best top 5
civil engineering companies in Nigeria whose engineering experience are top notch.
1.China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC) Nigeria Limited
Interestingly, language barrier could not hold back the Chinese from doing business in
Nigeria. Hence, contrary to all odds, the CCECC Nigeria Ltd had become one of the best
and major civil engineering companies which Nigeria has ever had in the country.
The CCECC has its headquarters in China and it a China based company that was
founded in 1979. However, because of its magnificence the company has equivocally
grown over the years to become a major civil engineering top player when it comes to
engineering across the globe.
No doubt, CCECC is well known for its state of the art construction of roads, bridges,
rails, stadia and much more to the delight of its employers. As part of the CCECC
construction of the state of the art projects, they hare currently handling the Lagos
State light rail and has equally signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with the
Nigerian Government to help the construction of the Lagos-Calabar light rail that will
extend from Calabar to Uyo and runs through Lagos State.
2. Saidi Nigeria Limited
Another top 5 civil engineering companies that you cannot fail to mention when
building in Nigeria is Saidi Nigeria Ltd; a company which was created and founded in the
year 1997.
Primarily, Saidi Nigeria Ltd is best known for its construction of boreholes, dredging and
setting up irrigation systems both in the rural and the urban areas, of which her clients
includes the government and the private individuals.

Overtime, Saidi Nigeria Limited has handled projects like building housing schemes,
estates, roads, bridges, and as well as dams for government and private individuals.
Interestingly, too, Saidi Nigeria Ltd are made up of proficient and highly skilled team of
engineers that are in charge of its operations, because they put skills and expertise first,
thus organizing seminars, and trainings for their team of Engineers in order to keep
them abreast with the latest engineering skills.
3. Adold Engineering Company Limited
Another foremost civil engineering company in Nigeria to consider is the Adold
Engineering Company which was based in the Ikeja area of Lagos State and it was
founded in 1976.
Massively, the company has grown exponentially and rapidly in the last 4 decades of it
incorporation with well over 250 projects already handled and completed. Adold
Engineering Company can confidently beat its chest having satisfactorily done business
with multinationals companies like Shell Petroleum Development Company, Eco Bank
Plc, UBA Plc, Lead Assurance, ARM, Globacom Plc, First Bank Plc, Central Bank of
Nigeria, Ajayi Crowder University among others.
4. Sanol Engineering Limited
Sanol Engineering Limited I especially known for their expertise an experience in the
building construction and civil engineering and it is equally one of the major and
foremost civil engineering companies in Nigeria with their services including;
– Highway and transportation
– Water supply service and waste water
– Irrigation
– Sewage and solid waste management
– Flood and erosion control
– Master plan
– Structure and Geotechniques
– Oil and gas, etc.
Sanol Engineering Ltd is well known and it came into existence in 2005 but then it was
known as Sanol Blessed venture in 1999, however, upon its growth it was rebranded

into Sanol Engineering Ltd which are now a member of major and notable professional
engineering bodies and affiliation in the country which include the following affiliations;
– Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria
– Nigerian society of Engineers and
– American Society of Civil Engineers
5. Julius Berger Nigeria– Obviously, the Julius Berger is one established name in the
Nigerian Civil Engineering company and it is one of the leading construction
companies which the country has done business with overtime.
Julius Berger, however, are known massively for its state of the art constructions
and have equally being involved with the Federal government of Nigeria projects
such as, roads, bridges, rails.
Without any doubt, Julius Berger has being involved with the federal government
projects from planning to designs and everything under construction and
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