Explosion in pharmacy in ancient ile-ife town.

Ebenco Pharmacy Burns Down

saturdayblog24.com/Explosion in pharmacy in ancient ile-ife town.

The people of ile-ife were shocked on sunday ,by 10:30pm,when an explosion rock a very popular pharmacy in their area,Ebenco Pharmaceutical Company located in Moore area of the town was totally burnt to ashes.

However,the  osun state police public relation officer Mrs Folasade Odoro, ,when contacted,stated that the cause of the explosion is still unknown to the police and the general public,and promise the police will commence investigation into the matter.though as many nigerians will think,it may be due to the bad electricity supply in the country,but when acha acha of saturdayblog24.com visited the scene of the incident,the cause of the incident was not known.

At least one person has the confirmed dead,and a building was also reported to have completely burn’t down.some recident’s of the ancient ile-ife town reveals they bare suspecting that the explosion was cause by improvised explosive device.

May the soul of the dead man rest in peace,and hope the police comence investigation as they have promised.

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